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The 3 Basic Layers Of Web Design / Web Design Simplified 

To help you see and understand the process of what it takes to put a full website together in simple terms.

These three layers of web design are the basics that all web developers use. This three layers are to give you a taste of what the web development process looks like.  There are, of course, many more details and smaller elements to each of these layers that only the web developer and designers need to be concerned with.Whether you just need a simple website brochure or a complex informational outlet, I can help you develop and maintain the internet services you need to reach the world wide web through any device. For pricing click here.


The structure or theme of a web-page is the bare bones of the web design.  This is what is referred to as content layer.  It is basically the HTML code of that page.  If the HTML were a house, it would be the firm foundation on which the rest of the house is built.  We could even add the woodwork as being the HTML as well.  Everything else within the web design will rest on the frame and be upheld by the foundation.

There are a few different parts of a website that you will see within the structure layer.  These would include the text on the pages, hyperlinks to navigate throughout the site, and images that hold it all together.

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