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There are at least nine different kinds of videos you can create to market your brand, products, and services:

  1. Inspirational: Distill your core message, values and vision into a compelling narrative.

  2. Educational: Teach your audience how to do something.

  3. Testimonial: Profile the benefits customers have received via your product/service.

  4. Animation: Tell your story via pictures, drawings, and fun visual elements.

  5. Explainer: Demonstrate the sequential process of interacting with your product/service.

  6. Video Emails: Any marketing video can become part of your marketing list strategy.

  7. Product: Showcase your product in a fun/dramatic way.

  8. Company Culture: Give prospects an inside look at what it's like to work at your company.

  9. FAQ: Answer questions commonly received by Customer Service in video format.


My video production rates vary from between R5 500 and R25 000 per day, depending on client specifications. I am using a single 4K camera unit at R 5 500 that comes with a lighting package and sound as the basis for my entry level pricing. Depending on your ambitions, this can go up to R25 000 per day if it includes drones, jibs and dolly's. I also offer live streaming services. Motion graphics, explainer videos editing as well color correction/grading all have an hourly rate of R500. The amount of time spend per each project will depend on the concept of the project.


   Contact me for a free consultation about your video project.


  1/2 DAY           FULL DAY

R1 000.00          R2 500.00  



       1/2 DAY         FULL DAY

    R3 000.00        R5 500.00 



This applies also to footage submitted for editing.

       1/2 DAY         FULL DAY

   R3 000.00        R5 500.00

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