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#Sing Out Loud

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

As we drove back home I was a bit frustrated because of a #failed_business_deal.

My lovely wife/business partner then began to sing along to some songs we all love, I then joined in. And guess what, this boosted my mood big time & made the drive back home more enjoyable.

Life application: When you sing, your brain releases enormous amounts of endorphins into your system.

Endorphins are the feel-good neurotransmitters that lifts your mood & reduces stress. A nice dose of dopamine is also released which boosts your motivation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll know that it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to fail at times & things are going to go wrong. Nobody gets to the place they want without learning & the biggest lessons we learn are the ones we get from our mistakes & failures.

#So_sing_out_loud, don’t worry be happy, smile often, dream always, be yourself.


Sing Out Loud & Be Happy

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