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#Internships are very important part of our education program, first and foremost. In setting up professional internships, not only will we be able to offer students a chance to work with industry professionals, but the students also will be able to take the theory they learn in the classroom and put it into practice, in whichever activity they’re focused.” - Craig Miller

The colourist / online editor internship is very much challenging, with a heavy workload particularly right here at Connect Channel / #The_ANNEX_Post_Production. Not many are able to perform well. However, I’m very impressed by our awesome intern Entle Dlula

( @mbaleexdlula ). She has done quite well so far, especially taking into consideration the fact that this was her very first internship from AFDA ( ). Job well done also to AFDA particularly to @ Mark Buyskes ( Colourist & Digital Media Workflow Specialist Lecturer at AFDA ) , for the great work you are doing of properly empowering film/tv students with productive innovative skills, enabling the graduates to tremendously contribute towards the growth of our creative economies.

Entle has been very responsible, hard-working and very dependable. She has turned in good quality work. Also, another thing about her that caught my attention was that in the case of a crisis, she always managed to come up with feasible solutions.

#Big_Up_To AFDA #The_School_For_The_Creative_Economy Keep up the great work Entle ( @mbaleexdlula )

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