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A Proud Couplepreneur😘

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

My lovely & beautiful wife Patience is the best business partner I could ask for. She and I operate in different spheres of our business - I’m the idea guy, and she is the business guru. We each have our own lanes, but are also one another’s biggest supporters.

We are truly a couplepreneur that is all in, stronger together & driven to succeed. We drive each other towards growth always. With each small win, we do not forget to appreciate & celebrate it. After all, the whole point of this journey is to enjoy the uphill hike.

# Power Couplepreneurship

Proud Couplepreneur😍 with a passion for high quality visually engaging multimedia work.🎬🎥🖥🎙📱

Explore our showreel here , & let’s create something big together.

For the last six years, Patience & I have managed to live and work from home together. I won’t claim that either of us are experts, but, as a self-proclaimed “couplepreneur,” we’re making it work.

AFTERTHOUGHT - Both Patience & I we’ll be more than happy to discuss your experiences as well in working as couplepreneurs in the comment section below!

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